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Mercedes-AMG GmbH (AMG) is a subsidiary of Daimler AG and is responsible for the group’s sporty, high-performance vehicles. In order to position the AMG brand more strongly in the premium segment, AMG, in collaboration with Gellink + Schwämmlein Architekten, has developed a new “stand-alone” concept for a uniform and striking corporate architecture for its over 40 flagship stores worldwide.

Westiform is responsible for developing the effective design of the new AMG slatted façade for series production and its global roll-out.

The façade is made of white, horizontal, LED-illuminated aluminium profiles, referred to as “slat profiles”, with black, diagonal aluminium piping profiles beneath them. These serve as a substructure for securing the white slat profiles and as “cable ducts” in which the cables required for the LED lighting – over 1,000 metres per site – are neatly stored.

In order to intensify the lighting, the slat profiles with integrated LEDs are attached to the façade tilted at a 60° angle – like the angle of the AMG logo. This accentuates the 3D effect of the entire slatted façade and, in particular, ensures a unique and consistent appearance in the dark.

This project presented a particular challenge in terms of the homogeneous illumination of the entire slatted façade. Over 15,000 high-quality LED modules were used per site. Optimum layout of the LEDs enabled the power consumption to be drastically reduced. In addition to the AMG slatted façade, Westiform also provided the illuminated AMG logo, featuring the AMG lettering, and the corresponding dealership designation.

As the general contractor, Westiform is handling the entire project, from planning to technical engineering, including structural analysis, production, logistics, and installation.

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