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Perpetually gleaming appearance for Manor

Illuminated signs used for advertising should be cleaned and serviced regularly. The successful Swiss department store chain Manor places great emphasis on presenting an immaculate shopping environment. It trusts Westiform to supply its cleaning and maintenance services, with the result that Manor’s exterior appearance is just as flawless as its interior.

Outdoor illuminated signs in particular become dirty very quickly. Dust, insects, bird droppings, exhaust fumes and rainwater accumulate on a sign over time. Stains and dirt are not only unattractive, but they can also reduce a sign’s brightness and damage electrical components.

In order to ensure the long-term effectiveness of its illuminated advertising, Manor chose a regular service contract from Westiform. Our professionally trained, specialised service technicians clean and maintain over 300 lettering elements at Manor’s 78 locations in Switzerland.

Manor’s energy-efficient LED illuminated signs are cleaned both inside and outside, and all of the electrical components, attachments and surfaces are also monitored at the same time. This process guarantees that Manor is adhering to legal regulations as well as fulfilling the highest safety standards.

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