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Energy efficiency high in the sky

Westiform has designed and produced energy-efficient, tailor-made illuminated signage for the Imtech Arena of HSV in Hamburg. The 8-metre-high, LED-illuminated steel lettering is attached to a cable construction at a lofty height of 44 metres.

Imtech, the namesake of the arena, is a leading energy and building services technology company in Germany. The illuminated signage by Westiform is one of the measures which Imtech has introduced with a view to significantly reducing energy consumption at the HSV Arena.

Thanks to a fully automatic, precisely regulated dimming system, the Westiform illuminated lettering requires considerably less electricity than non-regulated illuminated advertising. The illumination level of the LEDs adjusts to the ambient light with the result that it shines most brightly in the dusk and automatically shuts off during the day. Observers also benefit from the dimming, as the regulated illuminated lettering is never blinding and always easy on the eyes.

In addition to its energy efficiency, the design of the illuminated lettering is also remarkable. The letters, weighing around one tonne each, are made of steel to enable them to withstand the tensile forces of the cable suspension. The depth of the letters is only eight centimetres. An integrated heating system prevents icicles from forming.

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