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Largest Hyundai chrome logo

The largest ever illuminated chrome logo of the car manufacturer Hyundai measures 2.80 metres. The illuminated signage, constructed by Westiform, is made of a single acrylic glass panel which is seamlessly moulded into shape.

Westiform is supplying new identification elements to a total of 806 Hyundai dealerships in the USA, of which more than 320 will receive the large logos.

The seamless, perfectly proportioned shape is created with a vacuum-moulding machine. Chrome plating gives the logos their silver gleam. The paper-thin, transparent metal layer is installed in the interior of the panel to protect it from weather damage and mechanical influences. This makes it extremely durable.

A printed acrylic glass sheet, which was developed by Westiform and is also installed inside the logo, enhances the 3D effect as soon as the logo is illuminated. Ease of handling and simple installation are additional advantages of the Westiform solution. 

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