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Hyundai Cladding

Hyundai is repanelling its car dealerships in a bronze-coloured, brushed rhombus pattern. The car manufacturer is doing this to ensure that its locations have a uniform impact and that the Hyundai brand can be instantly recognised. Westiform is in charge of the production, delivery and installation of the cladding elements.

Westiform is a long-term partner of Hyundai in the area of indoor and outdoor illuminated signage and lettering. The automotive enterprise is now placing its bets on our façade panelling as well.  
The bronze-coloured brushed tiles consist of 4 to 6-millimetre thick aluminium composite plates with a black plastic core. Chromium LED illuminated lettering with a special 3D nighttime effect is mounted on this high-grade façade. The large Hyundai image logo thermally formed from one piece measures to a width of 2.6 meters.  
The complete cladding is used at selected Hyundai sites in premium locations. The new look for the remaining dealers is being made visible with façade strips in the same décor. 
450 dealers have already been redesigned in Europe. Westiform is also already supplying complete cladding projects, facade strips, and pylons to Israel, La Reunion, North Africa, and Trinidad and Tobago, and chrome-plated logos around the globe. a total of 1800 dealerships in Europe are set to be upgraded by the end of 2018. Westiform is equipping around 6000 dealerships with chrome-plated logos worldwide.

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