Customer since: 1989
Solutions: complete lettering interior areas and outdoor areas
Products & services: pylons, steles, fascia signs, portals, project management, consultancy, engineering, prototyping, manufacture, logistics, installation, Online project management Tool OSIS
Countries: Europe-wide

In 2008, GME awarded Westiform a large-scale order to install new lettering at the premises of its franchise dealers throughout Europe. During the course of carrying out the GME order, Westiform had the opportunity to implement an unusual project for Opel: at Opel’s headquarters in Rüsselsheim, Westiform manufactured and installed the new Opel lightning logo with the claim ‘Wir leben Autos’ (‘We live cars’).

The logo, with a diameter of three meters, placed high demands on its design and stability. Westiform achieved elegance and plasticity with state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. The logo and the lettering are illuminated with LEDs.

The lightning logo is made of plastic and covered with a silver, light-transmitting foil. At night, a dot matrix in the lightning logo casts a shadow which creates a 3D-effect. This is highlighted by the yellow halo of light which surrounds the logo. The yellow foil is installed in the interior and invisible during the day.

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