University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW)

The Brugg-Windisch campus is home to the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) and has around 3000 students and 1000 lecturers. Westiform implemented a sophisticated directional system to help them find their way around campus.

In addition to the university facilities, shops, restaurants and dozens of apartments add life to the premises. An intelligent directional system ensures that everyone finds their way around. As a partner, Westiform implemented the directional concept developed by the Institute of Visual Communication at the FHNW.

A total of 1140 elements were installed around the campus. These include directional elements such as glass pylons, steles, signs and foils as well as illuminated signage, flat lettering and information boards with integrated displays. All of the lettering and directional elements present a harmonised image thanks to the moiré effect used.

To create the moiré effect for this project, each pair of glass or acrylic glass panels was printed digitally with slightly rotated patterns and discreetly screwed together. The upper panel is printed on the reverse side, which protects the elements from environmental damage. The elements are also lettered on the inside using a foil technique. For the signs, which often require new lettering, e.g. for offices, a transparent foil with the lettering was inserted between the panels. These can then be changed easily by the building staff themselves.

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