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As part of its new brand identity, Clariant, the world leader in specialty chemicals, commissioned Westiform AG to install new lettering at all its locations. By the end of 2013, around 100 locations in over 30 countries on all continents will be fitted with identification elements manufactured by Westiform.

The new brand identity was developed in collaboration with the Mutabor agency. A number of locations, including Clariant’s head office in Muttenz/Basel, have already been fitted with the new elements. Switzerland, China, Australia, USA and Argentina are just some of the countries to which Westiform is supplying the new lettering elements.

Westiform manufactures a wide range of products for Clariant: illuminated signs, illuminated lettering, pylons, steles and signs for both exterior and interior use. The illuminated signs are produced in various sizes. The largest is around 14 meters wide and six meters high. Westiform complied with the highest aesthetic and quality requirements during development and production. All designs incorporate ACM, a thin aluminium composite sheet. The product is characterised by its low weight, high rigidity and stability as well as by its resistance to climatic influences.

Westiform plans processing of the new lettering in precise detail to ensure that it is installed at all locations on schedule. Installation of the corporate design elements in over 30 countries is being performed by local partners on an ongoing basis where it is not possible for Westiform to do so.

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