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Chevrolet is currently adapting its European franchised dealer identification to global design standards. The Nose agency is rendering the new identification elements more dynamic with visual highlights such as a stripe pattern and a blue light strip. The elements also feature consistent use of glass.

General Motors Europe has been an esteemed customer of Westiform for more than 20 years. Since 2008, we have been converting around 9,000 dealerships in 45 countries to the new corporate design with Opel and Chevrolet brand elements.

The Chevrolet brand elements in Europe did not previously comply with the global Chevrolet corporate identity. The renowned Nose agency has now been awarded the contract to adapt European dealer identification to the global design standards.  Westiform was commissioned to carry out the prototyping of the new elements, and we did such a good job that we also received the order for production of the new CI elements.

The base colour white has been retained for the design of the identification elements. A grey stripe pattern supplements the previous design, thus creating a more dynamic effect. In addition, the Chevrolet elements are confined by a lateral blue light strip known as a 'blue box'. This is illuminated at night, thus serving as an eye-catcher.

The Chevrolet corporate design elements are characterised by the use of safety glass. The advantages of glass as a material are the brilliance of the surfaces and the possibility of printing the artwork onto the surface from behind. This means that the printed surface is not exposed to direct environmental influences, and the colours do not fade over the years.

The Chevrolet logo and the lettering are mounted on the glass base surface. The logo consists of deep-drawn acrylic sheet and is illuminated at night by inside LEDs.  The individual letters are not illuminated, but are backlit indirectly by the glass structure producing an exciting effect.

The high-quality corporate design programme includes pylons, fascia clips, projecting and wall signs, entrance elements, franchised dealer names and interior pylons.

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