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Cadillac, an automobile brand from the US-American automobile company General Motors, developed the change in its corporate identity (CI) in Europe with Westiform.

The customer objective was to use new products to emphasise the value of the Cadillac brand and to drive forward the positioning in the target group of the upscale luxury class. 

A new 3D logo in a subdued design in combination with the colours in digital printing was developed especially for Cadillac. The logos were shaped with vacuum forming, then steamed and given a white background with a bent diffusion disc. The logo was set in individual parts, pylons, and directional signs.

The new cladding was also from Westiform: For this, a pre-hung, back-ventilated design facade was mounted onto an aluminium base construction with invisible joint screw connections. This facade consists of vertically placed aluminium composite systems in glossy white. The special characteristic of this is the “bone line” along which the facade bends in the upper area convex and concave.

Furthermore, the window area is encircled by a protruding silver aluminium composite system frame and a LED contour lighting that is hidden in the groove. Westiform successfully wrapped up the entire project from conception, planning, development, up to the installation on site, in only five months.


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