Westiform has developed and manufactured a large-scale illuminated logo for the C&A flagship store in Düsseldorf. With 1575 branches in 21 European countries, C&A is one of the largest fashion retailers in Europe.

The entrance to the new C&A flagship store in Düsseldorf can no longer be overlooked due to the illuminated logo measuring 6x8 metres. The logo is secured to a glass façade and is illuminated from all sides. By using a very translucent Plexiglas, all sealed LEDs on the carrier boards are visible as well as the LED light tube system in the frames of the logo. This makes the logo highly visible and present for customers from both outside and inside.

Developing a logo of these dimensions requires special care. Westiform initially constructed a prototype. The LED light tube system and LED fittings highlight the logo.

wf | Libra light control ensures extremely easy control and dimming of light intensity and makes optimum use of the available daylight. This results in considerably lower power consumption while at the same time improving colour retention and colour intensity.

Right on time for the reopening, specialists from Westiform secured the logo to the facade using a special construction. The logo is secured by means of special stainless steel supports which penetrate the glass facade.

Westiform took just eight weeks to complete the implementation process from planning to installation.

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