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Bayer cross

With 12 meters in diameter, the Bayer cross on Berlin's new airport is the largest one in Europe, shining in colour. But not only its dimensions make it unique. To save energy, it adjusts its brightness to the ambient light. If a defect exists, or a check is due, it writes an e-mail. If it gets too hot, it shuts off. Westiform realised for the long-term client Bayer this modern signage system at the highest technical level.

With 112,000 employees, Bayer AG is one of the leading companies in the areas of health, nutrition and high quality materials worldwide.
Since 1951, the company is a customer of Westiform. The highly intelligent and energy-efficient advertising system at the new Berlin Schoenefeld Airport is from us, too. The giant Bayer cross has a total height of 22 metres, a diameter of 12 metres and weighs 17 tons together so much as 8 cars.

For the perfect lighting a total of 8,100 LEDs were used. A brightness-controlled light regulation adjusts the brightness of the light depending on the ambient light. Only in the twilight, the signage system is in full swing. A sensor measures the temperature inside the housing. If it is too high, the system does not switch on to extend the life of the LEDs. On average, the system needs only 2-3 kilowatts, making it extremely energy efficient.

For maintenance or in case of technical problems, the signage system sends an e-mail to a computer. This ensures that a technician is immediately on site to fix the problem. As soon as unauthorized persons tamper with the signage system, Bayer is also notified. This precaution is very important for elements with public access. Overall, the safety standards at an airport are very high. Therefore, the statics and the materials used have to meet most stringent requirements.

Despite the enormous dimensions, Westiform demonstrated highest precision in the realisation of the gigantic Bayer Cross. For example, all fasteners are colour-matched so that there are no visible connections.

The new airport is expected to open by spring / summer of 2013. The largest illuminated Bayer Cross in Europe is already ready. From procurement to completion 22 weeks were needed.

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