The new presence of BMW i stands for a revolutionary series of electric vehicles. But BMW i relies on sustainable and energy-efficient products not only with its vehicles but also with its illuminated signage. Westiform is implementing the brand worldwide in the third dimension and is using energy-saving LEDs in its manufacture.

BMW i is the new electric vehicle brand launched onto the market by car manufacturer BMW in November 2013. The entire value-added chain of the new models is designed to achieve sustainability and energy efficiency.

BMW i takes care to ensure that the brand values are implemented in all flanking measures as well. As a long-standing partner of BMW, Westiform has proved itself in the field of visual communication and was commissioned for the development and prototyping as well as for the production and installation of the new BMW i corporate design elements.

Westiform is manufacturing fascia banners and illuminated logos for conversion of the illuminated logos worldwide. The logo made of vacuum moulded acrylic sheet is treated with chromium coating which makes the surface radiate a silver-matte effect. The interiors of both the logos and the fascia banners are fitted with high-quality energy-saving LEDs. Perfect alignment of the illuminant makes it possible to reduce the number of LEDs without compromising in terms of luminosity. The energy consumption of the signage is reduced by three quarters compared with conventional fluorescent lamps.

Worldwide conversion was initiated last year. Over 540 locations have already been converted. The ERP systems of Westiform and BMW are networked to ensure a trouble-free and efficient procurement process.

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