The BMW Group's consistent orientation towards the premium concept and sustainability principles is reflected in dealership network labelling with high-quality illuminated advertising: Westiform has the task of visually anchoring this internationally renowned brand in sustainably consistent high quality.

BMW has been a Westiform customer for more than 30 years now. BMW Munich recently commissioned us to care for the BMW, Mini, Husqvarna and Alpina brand names at an international level.

Westiform has extensive experience with large projects at home and abroad, and has a qualified project management team as well. We provide BMW with an experienced, consistent team for the duration of the entire project.
The numerous neon signs, logo shells, pylons and facade banners are produced in our own Westiform production plants. With plants located in Germany, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and China, we are able to meet all BMW orders on schedule. In addition, Westiform can rely on a globally established network of partners. The combination of in-house production and a proven partner network ensures consistent high quality for BMW at international levels.

Another advantage: BMW has a single point of contact that holistically manages all steps for international dealer identification. The enterprise benefits from reduced coordination efforts to attractive conditions.

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