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During the course of implementing its new corporate design, the AMAG Group decided on an energy-efficient solution. wf | Sirius illuminated lettering, which is used throughout Switzerland, was fitted with high-quality LEDs and wf | Libra light control. The AMAG Group is able to record a significant energy saving as a result.

Westiform is manufacturing all exterior identification elements for the AMAG Group in accordance with the new corporate design. The centrepiece of the exterior signage is the AMAG illuminated lettering, with the largest letters being two meters high and nine meters wide. As well as illuminated lettering, Westiform is supplying brand and directional system pylons which are fitted with a smaller version of the AMAG lettering and non-illuminated steles. For the pylons, Westiform is using wf I Sirius, an elegant, ultra-thin illuminated lettering solution developed in-house and featuring a construction depth of only 2.4 centimeters.

The lettering is illuminated with high-quality LEDs which generate a pure white light and have a service life of approximately 50,000 operating hours. This generation of LEDs is one of the most energy-efficient and sustainable ever manufactured.

A software-controlled LED allocation incorporated in wf | Sirius lettering enables uniform illumination of the letter bodies while simultaneously using as small a number of LEDs as possible. The lettering is unique due to its combination of exceptional properties in terms of energy consumption, uniform light distribution, luminosity and slim design.

Both the illuminated lettering on the walls and on the pylons are fitted with wf | Libra automatic brightness control. This measures the ambient light and automatically adjusts the luminosity of the lettering to the prevailing light conditions. With this technology, the lighting effect is always perfect: The signs never appear dark or glaring. wf | Libra generates a considerable energy saving compared with non-regulated illuminated signage.

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