Westiform is in the course of implementing the new corporate design of the AMAG Group. When manufacturing the elements, Westiform relies on in-house developments and high-quality components. By the end of the year, around 100 locations will feature the new outdoor signage.

Since the end of August, ten installation teams have been deployed solely for the purposes of this task to ensure that each AMAG location is punctually fitted with the corporate design developed by the Zurich-based agency Heads. Westiform is manufacturing all outdoor signage elements for the AMAG Group in line with its new corporate design. The core element of the outdoor signage is the AMAG illuminated lettering the largest versions of which are two metres high and nine metres wide. The lettering is illuminated with high-quality LED generating a pure white light.

Besides illuminated lettering, Westiform is supplying fire and directional system pylons fitted with a smaller version of the AMAG lettering as well as non-illuminated steles. For the pylons, Westiform deploys its own in-house development wf I Sirius, an elegant ultra-slim illuminated lettering with an overall design depth of only 2.4 centimetres.
wf I Sirius is currently the flattest illuminated lettering available on the market.

The illuminated lettering on both the facades and the pylons (wf I Sirius) is fitted with automatic brightness control. This measures the ambient light and automatically adjusts the light intensity of the lettering to the light conditions. The light effect with this technique is perfect at all times – the installations never appear dark or glaring. A positive side effect is a considerable amount of energy saving compared with non-regulated illuminated signage.

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