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Cladding components/Trim parts

Cladding components in vehicles are usually divided into exterior and interior. Deep-drawn cladding components are also used in machine construction and in medical technology.

Westiform possesses extensive expertise in cladding components/trim parts in and on vehicles. We also customise coverings and cladding elements on machines to meet customer requirements. Our manufacturing methods, which feature vacuum forming as well as many different printing options, provide scope for a great degree of individuality.

The cladding components are distinguished by a variety of different compositions of materials. The possibilities for combining features such as impact strength, UV resistance, and surface properties such as degree of glossiness, colour and grain are virtually infinite. If you are looking for expert advice on customised products, you have come to the right address.



Business as usual at Westiform AG

In the past few days, Westiform AG has, like most companies, had to take precautions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus Covid-19. Business at Westiform AG will continue throughout Switzerland, but you will not always be able to meet us in person. 
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