High-quality plastic covers for lights, motors and many other items lend the complete product a polished appearance. When designed in the best possible way, they do not looklike a foreign body, but form an ideal symbiosis with the original part.

For example in cars, components such as loudspeakers are enclosed and protected with a cover made of plastic material. Westiform adapts these covers to ensure the best possible match for the original product. For this purpose the plastic material is deep-drawn, formed, and finished as required.

Do you have special requirements regarding weather resistance, foodstuff compliance, or fire prevention? Our experts consider your requirements and have the cover tested in-house or at a certified laboratory as required.



New Managing Director Switzerland

Westiform has a new director. Marketing expert Simone Bächle (37) places the needs and current challenges of Westiform customers at the center of her concerns. By integrating all the services related to classic and digital visual communication, she wants to create real added value for customers and further consolidate Westiform's market leadership position.
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