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Glass-mounted lettering which changes its colour? This fascinating interplay of colours becomes possible with a processed glass surface on which laterally impinging light rays become visible.

The glass pylon manufactured by Westiform has a timeless and elegant appearance.
The changing colour of the illuminated lettering attracts attention. In fact, the technology involved is simple but very effective.

To create the lettering, the rear side of the glass surface is roughened with a blaster. The glass is clamped laterally in a polished chrome steel profile. The RGB LED strips are also incorporated in the profile. When the light rays strike the matt areas, the light refracts and becomes visible to the eye.

The elegant glass elements are available in various different designs. They can be installed in the form of a pylon, for example, or as a sign on the wall. There is a choice of RGB LEDs or single-colour, white LEDs.




Visual shopping experience at Aldi Fribourg Centre

Westiform has fitted out the entrance area at the new Aldi sales area in the “Fribourg Centre” (CH) with elements that create a visual brand experience.
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