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For Architects

Are you looking for a company which manufactures individual illuminated signage, lettering and directional system solutions for your construction project? Westiform responds to your requests and makes the seemingly impossible possible.

Unusual ideas provide an incentive for us to experiment with techniques, materials, colours and forms. Involve us in the planning at an early stage: together with you, we will develop a suitable and above all functioning solution. Our engineers, designers, and craftsmen place their expertise at your disposal. As the products are manufactured in our own workshops, you can monitor the manufacturing process.

Westiform offers a wide range of illumination possibilities like LED, fluorescent lamps and neon. LED control elements are our speciality. We work with plastic, metal and glass, but are also able to process other materials. In addition, our special production processes include materials finishing, vacuum moulding, vacuum vapourisation and laser cutting. We compile precise plans for you for each project.