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Advertising Towers

Advertising towers owe their full potential to their height and size. They provide an impressive solution as the result of the excellent effect they have from afar during the day and, if required, also in illuminated form at night.

They are attractive eye-catchers and information bearers which also characterise and convey the image of your brand. Communicating from a great height means that the effect is even more long-lasting as towers can be seen from roads, railways and from the air.

These projects require a good deal of expertise. Our unique selling point is that we have many years of experience in the field of large-scale and special signs. As the result of this experience, you will benefit from carefully designed and individual solutions, including clear and explicit documentation. Our specialists will explain the advantages and disadvantages of a wide range of advertising tower designs. Decisions have to be made, for example, on whether the electrical wiring should be located internally or externally, whether the interior or the exterior of the tower should be accessible for repair and maintenance work, or should not be accessible at all.

Westiform not only supplies your imposing signage but also stands out from the competition due to its all-embracing and forward-looking approach. Tell us about your ideas. We look forward to meeting your individual requirements and needs.